The World’s Most Important Book

Welcome to my new website! This will be a place where you can connect not just with me personally, but the Museum of the Bible and the work I am doing at this amazing institution.

There has been no single Book which has so impacted human life as the Bible. From art, to music, to government, healthcare, and works of compassion, no Book has exerted greater influence. No Book has been more banned, discussed, pondered, and misused than this Book of books.

And that is where my work comes in.

I have spent the last six years as a scholar, carefully studying many aspects of history, particularly of American history and her Founding. I have been incredibly blessed to write several bestselling books, but I knew that there was more work to do behind the scenes. I tended to my pursuits, knowing one day that the time to share the full fruits of my studies would arrive.

Little did I know that I would be introduced and welcomed on board the team of the Museum of the Bible, where I write and research about the impact of the Bible on human civilization. Not only that, I speak around the world about it as well.

True to my scholarly instincts, I spend time where few dare to tread: among original sources—the letters, diaries, books, and writings of the great heroes of history themselves. My approach is almost entirely ad fontes—from the source (or sources!), and what I continue to uncover is absolutely incredible. The impact of the Bible, a fact I always took for granted, has turned out to be far more widespread and deep than I previously imagined.

Truth be told, there have been some throughout history who have abused this Book and its principles. For example, it was used by Inquisitors in Spain, slaveholders in America, and Nazis in Germany, even if only in a minority of cases. But as it turns out, the Inquisitors are a dot on the course of history; no other part of the worldwide church had ever accepted the slaveholding ideology that developed in America; and most Nazis, including Adolf Hitler himself, hated the Bible and everything that grew out of it (including Judaism and Christianity), even while occasionally using it to serve his political ends. Truth be told, human beings have agendas, and the Bible has sometimes been hopelessly mangled in order to suit those agendas.

But what one also finds is that the Bible inspired the Jews to create the most humane law code of the ancient world; it inspired the early Christians to save unwanted children thrown into the gutter by the pagan Romans; it inspired the founding of the first universities in the Old World, and the building of new universities and public school systems in the New; it kindled a fire in the bosom of the abolitionists to destroy legalized slavery once and for all, and encouraged slaves themselves to escape, and once freed, advocate for their comrades in chains; and its teaching that every man, woman, and child is made in the Image of God has inspired our notions of the innate dignity of every human being, as well as the human rights to which they are entitled. The names found in its pages are likely names of you or your friends; the geographical locations found in its stories are now the names of towns, cities, as well as hospitals and other houses of mercy. Much of the world’s beloved music is inspired by it in ways big and small, and a great portion of the world’s greatest art depicts its most famous stories. Its words and heroes are chiseled on our buildings, and the moral values it introduced into the world are now taken for granted.

In short, there has never been any book in history quite like the Bible.

Which is why I’m excited to introduce this new site as a way to help you engage with this Book, my research on its impact on our world, and the Museum of the Bible itself, where we invite all people to engage with the Bible.

If you would like to have me speak to your organization, either about the Museum of the Bible, or other issues of the day, please contact me. I would be honored to serve you in whatever way I can.


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