Commenting on the Founding Fathers and the importance of the study of history to their work, Justice Robert Jackson once observed that “Never before or since did leaders of men so search human annals as did the framers of the Constitution.  They did it to learn what structures would assure enduring and effective government and what safeguards would most likely keep it free.”  This is one among many reasons that the Founding Fathers of the United States deserve intense and unremitting study at this very hour.

Few Americans have any conception of the deep heritage of wisdom and prudence from which their daily lives and freedoms draw for sustenance.  The Founders were by no means perfect.  But they represented a generation whose accomplishments have rarely, if ever, been outdone by any other.  They laid a foundation upon which the structures of our ordered liberty continue to stand firm.  Their insights, their wisdom, and their warnings deserve to be read and taught again.

To do my part, I have included a list of many of their writings, with the accompanying PDF files of the old books in which they are contained, which I hope will allow many to read their words for the first time, for free.

You may access the writings of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton respectively.